I figured since we got married almost eight months ago.. i'd post some pictures.   A little overdo don't you think?

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Joel & Alli said...

Molly I miss you!!! you need to come back and play with us! ha ha but anywho I love all your wedding pictures they are absolutely gorgeous!

Joel & Alli said...

ha yea i just set it up! wahoo! you seriously need to! when do you guys come back???

Joel & Alli said...

dah thats so far away! ha ha but how is it going out there so far? you liking it?

the farmboy's wife said...

You are seriously gorgeous!! I love all your pics.. you guys are so cute and Spencer is a lucky guy! Love you~ Lori

Sam and Kyrsten said...

so beautiful. i wish so much i could have come to your wedding. you look stunning. everything about it looks like it was perfect. hope ohio is great!

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