life in tornado alley.

I don't have a picture for today but I do have a story.  Well... lets just say I used to like thunderstorms until I found out in Ohio that tornadoes come with them!  The other night I was over at my sister-in-laws, Aubrey's, around 9:00 p.m.  We always hang out and the guys usually get home around ten.  So we are sitting in the living room watching a movie and all of a sudden it starts raining HARD and pretty soon it starts pouring hail balls the size of gum balls, I kid you not.  It was lightening really bad.  We were kind of starting to get freaked out because we knew this wasn't normal.  Aubrey hurried and got on the weather channel for where we lived and a big RED ALERT said Seek shelter and take cover immediately.  We were so scared by now and wanted Spencer and Kevin home.  THEN.. these loud sirens, not fire truck or ambulance sirens, started going off forever!  Come to find out, if you hear them you are suppose to immediately go to a place safe from tornadoes.  We didn't know that.  So we said a prayer. We lived.  But the next few days at church and at the club house I heard locals saying how bad it was and how we should've got off the second floor and hid under stairs.  One of the ladies said that a tornado here once took her whole house.  Scary, huh?  So now I am a little frightened of thunder.  Maybe I'll like it when I'm back in my safe little Idaho

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BEARD said...

It was scary wasn't it!! Hopefully we don't get another one however next time we know to take cover!!

Anica said...

Scary! Those sirens are loud. I was in Oklahoma once when they went off and luckily there wasn't one, but hearing the sirens sends you into a panic.

Love the picture of you on the side by the way. You're gorgeous!

Trevor and Angie said...

Dude, my little bumblebee tuna!!!! Haha. I miss you Molls!!! How are you? Yeah I am definately prego. Due in September and its a girl. We are so excited! So your in Omaha right? My brother in law and his wife live there. Where is Carrie nowadays? It has been SO long since I have seen any of you. I Miss all you guys!

Taryn said...

Yes those tornado sirens are very scary the first time they go off! I sure didn't think there were Tornados is Ohio until I moved here. Now it seems the sirens go off at pointless times. But for the most I really like the thunderstorms. They are pretty amazing. As long as the sirens stay off!

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