happy day

I finally finished my canvas, yay!  I bought this canvas when I got out here this summer to give me something to do and I had the blue and green painted on it for over a month now.  I couldn't decide what to do because I didn't want to mess it up.  Originally I was going to paint a big, pink, funky flower on it.  Instead I added some fabric.  Thanks HAY for the fabric flowers.  This might end up being a scrap canvas and I'll paint random things on it or add jems.  who knows.  but for now, Its done. hallelujah.

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Chris and Daneile said...

Hey Molly! I love your blog! You are so incredibly creative and I love the style of your hair pins. Very sassy! San Fran is great. How is Cincinnati? Anymore tornado scares? That is terrifying! Take care.

Sam and Kyrsten said...

i love it! how did you paint the design on it? did you trace it? looks awesome! i want to see your apartment so bad! i bet its incredible! honestly your rad!

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