I've been thinking a lot lately about how easy it is to get caught up in the world.    This past week I've thought a lot about, "Am I 'truly' being a instrument in God's hand or am I just looking out for myself".  Its kind of easy getting caught up in my everyday life and going through the motions and focusing just on Spencer and myself.  I'm beginning to realize how much Heavenly Father needs me to do more than that.  He needs me to start serving people so they can see the light of Christ.  He doesn't ask a lot.  Little things matter a lot to people and I need to start doing them.  Whether it be saying hi to someone I don't know, or taking cookies to people, or giving people Book of Mormon's.  These all sound a little scary for me because I don't like to step out of my comfort zone, but really, It's not about me.   The reason I am here is to serve the Lord and help His work progress.  What do I have to lose?  This is my goal.

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Sam and Kyrsten said...

i agree completely. its so easy to get caught up in yourself and worldly things. so easy. and so hard to do more. but really its not. i feel the same way though. good luck. your so awesome though! im sure you dont have a problem with it. but its good to recognize that we can ALWAYS do more!

Sam and Kyrsten said...

oh and ill call you with those recipes

Stephensen's said...

You are right, I am going to be better too! Thanks for the little reminder Mols.

Melissa said...

Such an inspiring post! What a great goal. I'm gonna say "ditto" to what you wrote and commit to be more like that too.

You know you want to.

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