Dang girl.

my Grandma had style.

The cool part is.  She made ALL of her clothes.

When she was alive she had a subscription to BAZAAR magazine.
She loved to look at the beauty of the clothes in the magazine.
She would always tell me and my sisters the "in" colors of the season.
And she was always right about those colors.

Here are some pictures of the clothes she made and wore:

I've been trying to find out a lot about my history lately and in the process have been given a lot of pictures from my grandpa.

The other day I found my grandmothers autobiography she wrote during her last years of life.
I love to hear her story from her point of view.

Her family is from Norway and she was born in Minnesota.  She was an Orphan most of her life
because her mom died when she was  only five and her dad couldn't raise her
because he worked on the railroad.

Even though she had many trials she was a phenomenal person.

Things I learned from her biography:

She sewed.
She ice skated and would put on big shows.
She went to 17 different schools.
She was a cheerleader.
Student body president.
She wished she had a mom as a little girl.
She sang.
She was an orphan.
She lifeguarded.   She grew up on a lake.
She was a great house wife {from grandpa's point of view}
She loved the Home my grandpa and she built.
She loved to waterski and be on the water.
She was happily married to my grandpa, she finally had a solid place.
She loved camping.
She loved to travel.
She loved to bake.
She loved her bedroom because she never had one until she got married.
She loved her family more than anything.
She owned a fabric store.

She really was the coolest grandma ever.

{post mainly intended for mis hermanas, and for my sake}

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the farmboy's wife said...

Awesome pics Molls!! And I totally agree that your Gramma was amazing!

Anica said...

That's how you and your sisters got so creative! What a neat woman! Thanks for sharing

LJ said...

she's amazing! WOW!!!

Stephensen's said...

How did I miss this post... I am crying, of course! I miss her soo much, I think that is why I love fabric so much it helps me remember her. Love you Gramma (you too Mols for being amazing and doing awesome stuff like this post) xoxo

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