Happiness today. Going Private.

i didn't think i would ever blog while in nursing.  but it is kind of an outlet for me.
today i feel calm.  a lot of changes are happening, but i feel at peace.

things that make me happy today:

my clean bed
spencer is having fun skiing
woken up by cold hands
smell of fresh laundry
my wall paper came. i love looking at it

i dont have to go to school today, but i do have to read these

school has been good.  i actually really like it.  nursing encompasses a lot more than i anticipated.
the second week of lab was interesting.  i totally embarrassed myself and wanted to crawl under a table.
the story makes me sick to think about and write, if you want to hear it though, i'll tell.
i got a 79 on a pharmacology test last night. depressing. it'll get better.
all in all, i can't wait to be a nurse.  i love learning.

happy tuesday.

p.s. keep those email addresses coming if you'd like. private soon.

16 love taps:

Coach Carly said...

Hey Molly!! I just think your blog is soo stinking cute! I love reading it! Keep me in the loop! armicarl7@aol.com
Luv ya sister! ~Carly

Marc and Makall said...

I love, love, love reading your blog. Please can I continue to read? makalltaylor@gmail.com

Chris and Daneile said...

Hey there! Please add me too! mrsb0105@hotmail.com

sam and kyrsten said...

id love to keep reading. i love your bedspread i love your wallpaper and i want to see your new house. i love your face. im happy today because.. i have a new niece-baby stella :) its a good tuesday. kyrsten35@hotmail.com

Colton, Whitney, and Andee said...

Hey Molly, will you add me too...whit0813@msn.com

Kellie said...

Count me in! kellieperkes@gmail.

Meg and Ryan said...

Love your bedspread! Super cute! count us in, meggzy1720@msn.com

BEARD said...

aubs0623@msn.com- Kev and Aub

LJ said...


I want to hear the story!

taigen said...

taigs3567@gmail.com :)

stephani flower said...

Molly..I think Ive already given you my email. And I invited you to my NEWLY PRIVATIZED BLOG :)
But I have some business props for ya. Perhaps I will email you about it all. I heart your blog. Love your beautiful face as well. Happy hump day!

(people talways think thats dirty. it just means happy wednesday!)

Marc and Makall said...

Molly you are so kind.. the whole mom thing is starting to freak me out a bit. i appreciate any and all encouragement so, thank you. it's going to be interesting but awesome.

And yes, i think the idea of us getting together is splendid! really! i need to learn your beautiful, artistic, innovative, lovely skills.

i posted my email a few posts back.. so email me your number and we'll get together!

Eric(a) said...

me too, I still want to look at your blog! erhead5@hotmail.com

Joey and Michelle Chandler Family said...

I'd love an invite, Thanks! jmchandler02@msn.com

Angie Birch said...

Hey Molly, can I have an invite? If its ok my email is birch_angie@yahoo.com
Thanks. How's your house coming along?

Trevor and Angie said...


You know you want to.

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