room preview

i found this picture and i was surprised. and excited.
it's almost exactly how my new room is going to look.
but opposite. 

i have blue walls. toile headboard. white linens.
this has toile-ish walls, blue headboard, toile-ish linens.

oh how i can't wait to be in that fresh room.

as for the spanish music, i love it and that is why it is on here
i am kind of obsessed with any thing mexican or south american. 
whether it be traveling there, the food, salsa dancing, the language, or the people. 
i love it all. actually my whole family is kind of obsessed

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sam and kyrsten said...

for some reason ever since ive known that you guys bought a house ive been dying to see it. please post pictures asap! im a little ancy.

You know you want to.

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