a gorgeous friend

meet Tara.

she is one of my best friends in the WHOLE WORLD.
today she gave me the honor of taking her pictures.
i love her and am so happy for her.

i was so excited, i immediately came home
and started editing.
and i couldn't keep all of this 
delicious beauty to myself.
so i am sharing her beauty with you.

these pictures made me cry when i looked at them,
because i know tara's mom is smiling down
and so proud of her beautiful daughter. 

isn't she stunning.

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Bobbi Thomson said...

Molly these are AMAZING!! Good job! Tara IS beautiful! The fifth one is my fav!!!

LJ said...

she made her own dress?! These are brilliant! a beautiful bride + an incredible photographer+vain and vintage hats = fabulous!!

Clayton & Charish Hubbard said...

I LOVE THEM!! you did a wonderful job!!

stephani flower said...

Oh wow. She looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE HER DRESS! The first one is my fave! Great job Moll, you are awesome! Any chance youd be interested in shooting some senior pictures?

sam and kyrsten said...

Tara you are SO BEAUTIFUL! great job MOLE! im so excited for her! im sure her mom is so proud of her! you did a fabulous job! is your shooting location vain and vintage? WOW! love her ring too!

Abby said... did a wonderful job! And yes Tara is absolutley beautiful! Love it!

You know you want to.

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