city of angels {when we're there}

i just got back from los angeles last night and can i just say i have the raddest (i don't know if raddest is a word) sisters and mom ever. we were super duper busy but we had a blast. i am going a little overboard on these pics, but i want to remember everything that happened on this little trip! so so so fun.

we stayed at shane and hailey's Aunt Jo's house. AMAZING:

my mom's birthday was on May 12th and the night of the 11th we gave her "the book". this book alone will get its post soon. 

we spent most of our time in the garment district for navyperl
it was a blast. we didn't leave one block in TWO days,
and there are 90 blocks of fabric.  
it was so inspiring here!
i guess this is where designer's come choose fabrics.

i just realized the 'i heart boobies' shirt in the background. whoops.

while we were there, navyperl had a way fun party at Aunt Jo's daughter's house. 
the house was awesome and retro.

the rest are just fun pics from the trip! 
the street ones are from aubrey sticking her body out the sunroof driving down hollywood boulevard. 
kind of like on pretty woman.

we had a blast. 

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stephani said...

looks SO fun. And that house is AMAZING! May I be invited next time? :) haha

LJ said...


Joey and Michelle Chandler Family said...

Your blog is so fun Molly! I love it. LA looks like it was an awesome trip. You're so lucky to have all those sisters!

sam and kyrsten said...

you have the cutest family. love you!

Stephensen's said...

Love the pictures... especially of Aubs... she is so cute! That was a fun trip.. too short and maybe next time it won't turn into a birthday, mother's day/girl's weekend/work/play/wedding planning/ vacation? trip!! Next time we will stay longer, swim, and chill!! And drink lots of Virgil's root beer yum yum!

Marcus and Makall said...

molly you and your family are too adorable for words!

You know you want to.

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