change of plans

i'm realizing now more than ever, that life is not always going to happen as i hoped or thought it would.
thats hard to deal with, when you have a perfect image in your head. you want to stay right on course.
but, life have potential to be better than you hoped/thought/planned, if you let it. and have faith.

p.s. i LOVE  the blue couch below, just wanted to know what you thought :)

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stephani said...

are you pregnant or something? :)

spencerandmolly said...

no no no. i guess it probably sounded like that didn't it.

stephani said...

haha yes kinda. darn. oh well. love you. lets plan a bbq!!

sam and kyrsten said...

ok i wont lie i thought it meant you were pregnant too. :) can i be invited to the bbq :)

Kevin Kambree and Kinlee Meudt said...

Thats exactly what I thought!! haha. You are cute mols. I wanna be invited :) I also would really like to do another craft night all of you!!! :)

The Rigby's said...

Molly! You are an incredibly talented photographer and I had no idea... That makes me sad because I would have had you take the kids pictures a LONG time ago... Congrats on your amazing gift and eye for a unforgettable picture. Much love to you and Spencer, hope all is well with the both of you... Toni

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