just finished huck finn

since we have lived at our house. 
oh for about two months. 

spencer has read: 6-7 books. thats a lot. i'm still on my first.
not only has he read these books, but he reads the NY times on a daily basis.
i swear, there is an old man in that young body of his.
He reads the thrifty nickel and every tractor magazine you can think of. 
time magazine weekly. three times through.
he doesn't particularly like the magazine but he simply likes reading.
he absolutely loves old westerns.
along with other magazines my grandpa sends with me each week. 
he doesn't only read Time magazine 3x, but every magazine 3x
he read books about trees. and his scriptures daily. 

sometimes i think, take it easy on the reading.
but secretly, i love that he reads and reads and reads. 
seriously, its ALL he does in his spare time.
before church, after church. before bed. in the morning.
during lunch. after dinner.
and when he is not reading, he listens to npr.

you see. he's got an old soul, new heart.
{that's a brand but its him too!}

i love that he is informed.
he is so smart! i can ask him about any topic and he could explain it to me for hours. 

we don't have a tv. 
we did when we were first married and it sat on an old enfamil box from the hospital.
we would have to hit it while we were watching movies so it wouldn't make these
obnoxious sounds. so.... we threw it away. 
we're not against tv, just too cheap to buy one.
except we wouldn't mind watching movies every once in a while.
its kind of nice not owning one, because then we read.

 i hope that my future kids have old souls like their father. 
i like that fact that we have this time in our life that we can read whenever we please.
i like that spencer has a desire to learn and feels it is important.
and i want to remember that i love that about him.

our current reads:

me- "for all eternity" -Dr. John L. Young
its awesome awesome awesome.

spencer- "articles of faith" -Talmage
among various other reads
he says its awesome 

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Taryn said...

My hubs isn't reading that much (well maybe if textbooks count?), but I also say he has an old soul.

Give him an old western, a classic movie, the dorkiest old country music you can find, or an episode of antiques road show and he is the happiest guy around!

Makall said...

for all eternity is fantastic! thanks for this post, seriously though. marcus loves loves loves to read and sometimes i get so bored because he comes home from work and all he wants to do is read. i need to appreciate it like you do because its an awesome hobby!

NavyPerl said...

Love Gencer!

You know you want to.

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