speed wobble is the worst!

we went long-boarding last night with some friends, the bickleys. 
i hadn't been since my last long-boarding wreck.
my long-boarding wreck was a few years ago, it has scared me enough.
haven't been until tonight. 
my wrist bangle and vest i was wearing saved my life in the crash and burn.
okay not my life, but some serious scars and tears.
well not tears, but scars.
you get the point. SCARY.


25+ people
6+ ruckuses
9+ longboards
muy divertido
(spanish for a lot of fun)

don't mind my hair in the pictures. it is gross! it's clean, but gross. 
i played in a volleyball tournament all day and just had enough time to shower before attending an eagle scout ceremony. no time to fix it up.

 Kip Rusty even joined us, with Christopher Columbus (our moped/Landon) 

i promise, we're not HARD CORE. we just like to long board every twice in a while.

What do you think Spencer is about to eat. Get it right? i'll give you a high five, lucky you.

and... Christopher Columbus

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sam and kyrsten said...

wish i could have been there. landon is crazy. he is by far my favorite cousin. i tell everyone that. they get pretty jealous. can we please be friends. you guys are always partying.

Taryn said...

Love that picture of Landon. We are going to need a copy of that one to add the endless supply of other awkward photos of him that we have. thanks for sharing.

And I would for sure die if I tried to long board. It would be a very bad idea.

You know you want to.

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