if there was an award

for doing everything possible in one weekend.
i think we would have won.

friday, my sisters, friends and i started it off with throwing my best friend kirsten a bridal shower

hailey and carrie made these adorable flower balls

this bouquet was made from flowers in my and aubrey's garden. mostly aubrey's

saturday, we 'planned' on starting it off with waterskiing, but the weather had other plans
so we had a big breakfast, watched baseball and then we rode horses

then we went fishing....

and brian entertained us.....

and we fished some more....
and then went to ross park drive-in..

sunday, we went with spencer's family to arbon valley for his cousins baby blessing.
i'd never been there.... it was sooo pretty

then we had a delicious dinner at landon's.
my strawberry's looked rotten.

then we went to the ross park band concert...
and i tried to get some 4th of july spirit out of spencer :)

and we topped the night off by watching fireworks with everyone on top of my mom's roof.
it was a wonderful 4th of July weekend.

how was your weekend??

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sam and kyrsten said...

if i had to pick a family besides my own to be in. i would choose yours. you always look like your having so much fun. i wish i could have made it to kirstens shower. it looks like so much fun. much love.

stephani said...

i agree with kyrst. also. what are the things on the sticks? also. i havent ridden a horse in so long. i really want to. also. i am obsessed with your purple dress. also. thank you for buying your fireworks from us. believe it or not, you are helping us pay tysons tuition. also. i love you.
that is all.

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