my kir darling

(me and kirsten, wayyy back in the day)

today i got to go to the temple with my dear friend, kir darling

i've always called her that,
and i love her.
it was spiritual and she IS happy.

she gets married saturday, yay!

this picture was taken one night after we watched america's next top model
we could watch that show for HOURS Together.
we were inspired.
i did her makeup and hair, she did mine
 but i made her quit half way because i hate getting my makeup done.
i promise my hair was long, even though it looks like a ratty bob.
soooo... she ended up looking like a rock star, and well...
i ended up looking like a dump truck driver.

anywho. she rocks rocks rocks.
will post about her soooooonn.

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sam and kyrsten said...

so wonderful that you got to go with her. she and mckay will be the very best together! so exciting! i love her and i love you!

You know you want to.

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