i didn't think i wanted to blog today, but now i do. it was a great day. spencer and i watched the cutting edge this morning before church. i love that movie. every time i watch it, i really dislike the girl in it, until about the last five minutes. my mom and i used to watch the movie when i was little. spencer made french toast to eat while watching the movie. he's a great cook. and his homemade syrup is delicious. did you know when he eats french toast, he eats a minimum of 8 pieces. 8 pieces! that are topped with butter, peanut butter, and syrup.  

then, we got ready for church. church was incredible today. i felt the spirit alot. and i really, really like/needed/loved it. it moves you. makes you want to be a better person. and what is more exciting than that. possible having a child. i haven't done that yet, so lets just say its exciting.  i went home teaching with spencer after church. i was grateful for the opportunity.  the man he home teaches is a new convert who has completely changed his life. spencer taught him a short message. i found myself crying throughout almost the whole thing. i felt dumb, but then i didn't care. the spirit does that to you. it reminds you that it doesn't matter. 

i was really impressed by something this man said. he said all you need in life is God and food. and here i am, wanting a new couch/wardrobe/rugs. this is a man who has no car, no family that lives close, no job, and worries about if he will have food to eat in a month. and he remains faithful because he KNOWS that God is good. and He is. this man knows that God will see him through this. he knows that God is essential to life. and He is. i left realizing that my wants/needs are quite different than this man's. i learned a great lesson. i left humbled.

it is these types of emotions and experiences in my life that i don't want to forget. therefore, i document them. 

then. we ate dinner at the landons and relaxed. 

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