fall in m o t i o n

weekend recap.

i'm doing this quickly now.. because this week is going to be Hectic! and i won't have time. 

drove to jackson.
got ultra sick.
ate at the bunnery.
sat on a bench, sick.
went and got medicine.
took medicine.
drove to teton village.
felt better.
met up with good friends.
spencer won some stuff.
watched ski movie.
'light the wick'.
in 3d.
ate at mtn. high pizza with friends.
got hot chocolate.
said hi to friend in jackson.
parted with friends.
husband and i drove to cabin.
drove home sunday.

such a fun weekend.

p.s. i dropped my shutter speed in a lot pictures so i could capture the colors of fall. in motion. i'm usually hanging out the window taking pictures, so don't mind bits of the car in pictures. 

music on our roadtrips. 
9 out of 10 times we are listening to:

john mayer
classic rock
jack johnson

what do you and your hubby listen to?

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sam and kyrsten said...

looks so lovely. a little jealous here. sam and i love to jam out actually. its one of my favorite things to do. recently there has been a whole lot of bob marley, manchester orchestra, allred, of course a little brand new and im always one for wicked. really lets plan a party.

Joel & Alli said...

Molly! congrats on 2 years! it seems like yesterday that we were sitting in temple prep together at the branch! ha ha your trip looks like it was a blast, I love all the pics! And currently Joel and I are rocking out to Dan Browns book the Lost Symbol...we are 65...ha ha but on our last road trip we listened to Mat Kearneys new Cd (city of Black and White) I highly recommend it :) love you girl!

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