finally getting sleeeeppppy....

wow. i am sitting here at the computer at 1 a.m. --- drawing a blank.  if i just stay up for four more hours, i will have pulled a full 24.  which apparently doesn't work like it used to.  i'll just get sick for a couple days, dang i am getting old.  feels like it.  i feel like i've aged 100 years just in the past two weeks.  i am overwhelmed to say the least.  but according to joe dirt (e), you got to keep on keepin on.  do you want to know what i do to relieve stress.. i create images in my head of how i want to decorate.  i sometimes draw my ideas on paper, or in photoshop. i'll spend hours just dreaming up ideas. i dream of ways i want to decorate for holidays and birthdays and fourth of july.  i dream of the food i want to one day have enough time to cook.  i love to create.  there is something about it that is captivating.  do you know what i think is the most creative skill a person can have... the ability to create beautiful relationships.  isn't that an amazing thing.  my sister has that ability.  she is pretty much a master at it.  

i am happy conference is this weekend.  usually during conference, i do a mindless activity so i can really listen. because i know myself well enough, that if i just watch conference my mind will wander or i will fall asleep.  i've been guilty of it.  one time during conference, i drew the entire 8 hours of conference.  and i'm not an artist. my other sister-- artist-- and a good one.  throughout the eight hours, i designed an entire clothing line.  from jeans, to accessories, to formal dresses, to coats, to shoes.  i've kept those pages and pages of drawings.  maybe i should toss them. maybe not.  that conference i learned the most.  

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sam and kyrsten said...

i believe you are probably the most creative person i know. everything you do is beautiful. you were definately blessed with that GIFT!

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