morning sun.

i am one lucky muchacha.

do you want to know why?

i told spencer last night i wanted a fall hat.
so we went to the store and bought one.

at seven this morning, i was preparing for at photoshoot at 8 a.m.
i thought, well.. maybe i'll bring my hat and put it on the girl.

my hat is cream, maroon, navy blue.

they showed up wearing: maroon and navy blue

not even planned.

it's my lucky hat. 
i can feel it. 

okay guys.... on the count of three....
throw the apples, but throw them back :) not straight up. 

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John and Samantha Henington said...

Molly, I love your site :) You are such an amazing photographer!! Best of luck in school and all your endeavors. -Sam (covert)

You know you want to.

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