as of late.

well other than trying to figure out how this blog works. 
my life is crazy good.
i totally screwed it up, i should've kept with the old style.
anywho, if anyone knows how to add a header w/o it being blurry. HOOK me up.

we move into our house in a month and hopefully and half. woot woot!

enjoy some pictures of my cutest little twinner nephews i took in october.
they are three next week. growing up so fastttt!


would you rather speak in movie quotes the rest of your life
or pig latin?

3 love taps:

Gudrun Kristine said...

Movie quotes!!

Kaci said...

haha!! i'm surprised beth choosed pig latin...but movie quotes!! ps they are ssssssupppppppperrrrrrr cute:)

Jill said...

Movie quotes for sure!! Story of my life already!

You know you want to.

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