for christmas.

we have had so much fun this christmas. 
we went to Tamarack on a ski trip for a few days and then to island park for a few more.
we have seen many loved ones. wonderful friends. it's been lovely.
we have been so busy picking out paint colors, hardware, cabinets, lighting, etc.
that has been really fun too. and surprisingly stressful. for me anyways.
i have an image in my head and want my image to match my idea. you know what i mean?
i also am thoroughly loving the break. i kind of get queasy when i think of school.  
one of the highlights of my break, i found the raddest headboard ever! not kidding. 
i don't know why anyone would give it away. i'll put pics up of it soon. found it at the d.i. for $30. bargain schmargain.

i made this picture below for my mom for christmas. the picture is poor quality, i don't have my computer but you get the idea. 
this frame is big and it's printed on canvas paper. i think i'm going to switch the picture frame though.

we are not your everyday family so it's not your everyday family tree. no particular order.
the point is. we are all on it. everyone's finger prints and names. 
and as we have more little people join the family. it will grow. that's the rule.
i think she liked it. i like it. i think i am going to make one for myself. 

i will post more pics from christmas vacation this week. 
below are some lights i want for my house that i've been eyeing for a long, long time. 
for now, i'm going to enjoy my sabbath.  

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Taryn said...

Love the family tree. You have outdone yourself once again! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Molly!! I just want you to know: my mom works for a lighting company and gets a pretty killer discount on lights. If you get me the item numbers and the companies who make those lights, I can get the prices for you that would include the discounts.. and then my mom can just ship them directly to your home :) let me know if you are interested. I would love to help in any way. Hope you enjoy your last week of break!

sam and kyrsten said...

the family tree turned out sooo cute! and i too have been wanting the first light you posted! lOVE LOVE LOVE!

You know you want to.

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