it could happen to you.

I've been meaning to record this story for... oh since christmas.
And I'm not a writer by any means. so bear with me.

Over New Years we went and stayed in a cabin in Island Park with my family for a week or so. The first night we were there, Spencer and I decided to go on a snowmobile ride. I am not scared to go at night because I know Island Park pretty well. My grandparents had a cabin there for years and several of my friends have cabins up there. Anyways, Spencer was on his snowmobile and I was on my own. We went down the road a couple of miles and rode in some fields of fresh powder. I normally don't like taking my own snowmobile, I either like riding with someone else or riding on a sled behind one. But this time I was going to be brave. We were riding for about 45 minutes and I kept getting mine stuck because I would get scared and would slow down..... then stuck. Nonetheless, I had a blast.  Spencer's patience was tested a lot this night, but he was oh so sweet dealing with my needy-ness. Because getting a snowmobile un-stuck, is not the easiest thing in the world. We decided on riding for about ten more minutes and I got my snowmobile stuck, I really got it stuck. We could not get it out for the life of us. So, Spencer said to go back to the cabin on his snowmobile and get some help.  I felt totally confident going, because I knew exactly where I was. Turns out I didn't. When I was going back, I thought I needed to go one road farther, when it turns out I didn't. I kept going straight and went clear out into this pitch black field, no lights in teh distance, and when I had realized that I went too far, I started to turn the snowmobile around. And once again, I did not give it enough gas. So... it died. I started freaking out. I was so so scared. Mind you it was -15 degrees this night. I got an adrenaline rush and tried to start it, I kept pulling the cord for what seemed like a million times. I was praying, praying, praying, and shaking, and on the verge of crying. OH wait, I did cry.  And I became really fatigue, really fast.  I didn't know what to do, and my brain froze up.  I kept thinking about what I would do if a moose came, or any animal for that matter.  I thought to myself, just lay down next to the snowmobile if something comes and be really quiet. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I didn't know what else to do.  I was too scared to walk back to the cabin, because it was really far and I wasn't quite sure where I was. About five minutes (felt like hours) after trying to start the machine, I see far in the distance lights and a snowmobile take off. I knew it was Spencer and he had got the snowmobile unstuck. I knew he was cruising back to the cabin, because that was where I was supposed to be.  I then got extremely scared.  For some reason, it was nice knowing Spencer was out there somewhere... and now he wasn't.  He told me later, that he got really scared when he didn't see my snowmobile at the cabin. I finally didn't know what to do, so I left the snowmobile and tried to follow my tracks back to the rode. It was seriously dark and cold.  I have never been more scared, walking in a dark, BIG field, surrounded by trees, not knowing where I was going and what I would encounter.  I hoped that the road would find me.  As I was following my tracks out, I saw lights shining on trees really far away, and I knew it was Spencer looking for me. Then I became scared that he would get lost, looking for me all night. The snowmobile lights kept scanning.  Once I got back to the road, I didn't want to walk back to the cabin because I was worried about Spencer.  I couldn't see the lights anymore, but I could hear the snowmobile very faintly in the dark. I tried to walk towards the sound.  It was now my turn to find him.  I walked across a small field and then started up a rode, because I could hear the snowmobile, faintly.  After about ten minutes, I started hearing the snowmobile louder and louder. I hoped and prayed that Spencer would come down this other road and not start off in a different direction. About five minutes later, he came around the bend and saw me in the road. I took my helmet off and burst into tears. I hugged him...told him how scared I was.  I knew he was scared too.  He kept saying, "I thought I had lost you".  Oh it was the best feeling in the world finding him.  He then said, "Why did you leave the snowmobile? You just left it there?". I then wanted to punch him, I didn't, but I could have.  I then led him in the direction I thought the snowmobile was, he helped me start it, and then we went back to the cabin... fast, real fast. At this point, I thought that I was calm and had my emotions under control, but when I walked in the cabin, I burst into more tears because I was so grateful to be back there.

The cabin and Spencer never looked so good.

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Melissa said...

Oh how scary! That would have paralyzed me with fear. I'm glad you're okay and you guys found each other :)

sam and kyrsten said...

a beautifully scary story. im glad it all turned out GOOD! things like that are just TOO scary!

Jenna said...

ah molly! soo scary! i got the chills reading this. i'm happy you guys found each other. i get nervous going on snowmobiles in island park! you are a brave girl!

Stephensen's said...

Momo, this makes me cry. I remember how scared you were. This story could have turned out so much worse. I am happy I have you. I am happy you are safe. I am happy you have Spence. I am happy you have guardian angels that take care of you when none of us can. I love you!! Come see me soon sis.

You know you want to.

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