blue is my favorite color.

Last weekend I wore blue in honor of colon cancer awareness month and some friends.
Two of my dear friends have lost a parent to this cancer.

It is real.
Colon Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths.
It is the most common internal cancer.

I also attended a colon cancer conference last week where I met with a gastroenterologist.
The G.I. Dr. provided the attendees with great information regarding prevention and awareness.

Here are a list of prevention strategies he shared:

High fiber diet
Adequate folate intake and Vitamin D
High calcium diet: 400-800 mg/day
No more than 2 servings of red meat a week
Maintain your ideal body weight
No tobacco
At age 40, taking a baby Aspirin a day can help decrease your risk. (Cancer is an inflammatory process, Aspirin aids in inflammation).
Starting at age 50, you should get a colonoscopy every 5 years.
If a close family member was diagnosed with colon cancer, you should get a colonoscopy ten years before the age they were diagnosed. For example, if they were diagnosed at age 37, you should get a colonoscopy at age 27. Make sense?
Physical activity at least 4x a week.
Some Dr.'s swear that Flintstone vitamins are the best :) Really he said that.

Hopefully this helps someone!

2 love taps:

sam and kyrsten said...

again, you never cease to amaze with your kindness and love. thanks for being a wonderful you. i love you! great information to have by the way...

Taryn said...

Thanks for sharing your information. I will probably link back to it :) You are great Molly!

You know you want to.

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