I have am sort of in love with the following and above...

Martha Stewart magazine. She's a genius in my book.
Stripes. They have always been in style and always will be.
Old bottles.
Embroidered napkins. I've inherited some. Yes!
Lemon on pasta. I don't eat it much, but when I do... mmm.
Benefit makeup. Especially "that gal" and "hello flawless". It's amazing.
Blueberries. I used to pick them all the time in NY with my nanny kiddos.

That's all. Does anyone share in my obsessions?

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sam and kyrsten said...

martha YES
stripes YES
old bottles YES
napkins YES
blueberries YES
lemon on pasta ???
benefit makeup???- but i need something new... is this really good?

Erin_C said...

total stripes addict, here.

vanessa said...

I don't think you know me, but I read your blog and I love all those things, especially Martha Stewart. She truly is a genius. Must try lemon on pasta...sounds yummmmy

You know you want to.

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