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I think about often and admire all of the talented people in this great wide world. There really are so many talented people. I think the man upstairs is happy that people are letting their creative juices flow. Well, I have decided I am going to start trying out these foreign things. Even if I am mediocre, I'm going to try and not tell myself "I don't know how". After all, no one knows how in the beginning. Some things include... I am going to start building things out of wood. I'll start with picture frames... we'll see where that leads.  My Grandpa has a beautiful barn with a amazing wood working shop. He said it's all mine to use. I also want to learn how to can the food from my garden. Anything and everything. Nerdy, I know, but I think it's an incredible skill. I want to learn more about flowers and planting. I want to learn how to cook everything practically from scratch. Just plain cook for that matter. Sew, oh how I'd love to improve my sewing techniques. That's where my madre comes in the picture. I am making it a goal this summer to sharpen these skills. And hopefully it will help my family in the future.

I think about past generations. I feel like the women from these eras are so strong, independent, skilled, and well-rounded. I feel like they are hard workers, not only in their homes but in their church callings. I really look up to their qualities.

On that deep note. I must go study for my test in the morning.  I've procrastinated by making cookies for my fellow students tomorrow. And... the timer just went off.

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sam and kyrsten said...

the thing is, you are so amazing at everything you do. you can put a creative touch on anything and everything.

i agree with you though. sometimes i just DONT do something because i am afraid i will fail miserably. but the thing is, we are here to learn and learn all we can! we don't have to be perfect at it.

you are amazing and beautiful and i am so lucky to know you.

thanks for the reminder on how important it is to gain the qualities that can and will help your family.

Bobbi Thomson said...

Molly....I need to remind myself to look at YOUR blog everyday!!

I don't know anyone more talented than you!

I'm just a lucky girl to know you!

You know you want to.

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