GIVEAWAY Comment-ers.

Blogger was having some serious issues last week, and in the process, some of your comments got deleted on the giveaway. I swear, I didn't do it.

So, if you notice your name is missing, add it once again. 

On a Sunday note, Church was awesome today. What's new.  I love sundays, I love church. 
I personally need that weekly edification. Today we learned about the light and truth that each of us possess, the restoration, and enriching marriage. 

Yesterday we were able to attend the temple with Spencer's cousin and husband who received their endowments and thereafter her little family of two boys was sealed. It was very special and I felt lucky to be there.  The thought that their family was sealed that day forever gave me the chills. I am SO happy for this blessing.

Now I am off to make some homemade bread! I got the recipe off of here. Wish. Me. Luck. 

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