craft night.

Okay party people. 

Remember the Tin Thimble.
Well its back.
Some fellow Tin Thimbler's and I have been chatting and we want to get the ball rolling again.

So here's the deal.
Next week.
My house.

Here is my idea.
I have fallen in love with Embroidery hoop messages.
I have used them for gift tags.
It adds the perfect handmade touch.
But the possibilities with them are endless.

Thank you note (hoop).
Make a sweet love note on the hoop to throw in your hubby's lunch pail.
Wall art.
Welcome sign.
Gift Tag.
Ahh the possibilities are painfully endless.
Actually overwhelmingly and wonderfully endless.

IF you are interested leave me a comment or shoot me a text.
IT will be so much fun.
And a really good excuse to veg, talk, snack, and just have fun.
This activity is pretty chill but these little babies are so cute.
If you don't want to make anything, come anyway.

$5 unless you want to bring your own crafts/hoops.
And a treat to share if you'd like.

Let me know ASAP so I can buy the supplies.
Come one come all. We're still partying.
Because that's how we roll.

6 love taps:

sam and kyrsten said...

wow. i seriously want to cry. im so sad i am not there. the tin thimble. funny how it just got forgotten. glad your bringing sexy back... haha ok i just had to say it cause it just fit there.

Jan Fisher Clark said...

okay I want to join in on the fun!!! Only problem is I am not that crafty--- but i would love to learn! :)

Clayton & Charish Hubbard said...

YEAH!!!! I am so excited!! count me in!

Kevin Kambree and Kinlee Meudt said...

I want to come too! I have been missing it since the last time!!

dustin and kourtney said...

I wish I could come!!!!!! We will be out of town! So have another one quick!!!

LoJo said...

wish i could come!
btw: going back to our texting combo: BIG!!! very, very BIG!! :)
secondly: rumor is you're in slc, or will be????

You know you want to.

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