I must be so unproductive.

Weirdest sweater you've ever seen?
I think so.

I want to know something. 

Oh wait, quickly before I start my wondering.
I realized there has been an influx of blogs lately.
Surprisingly however, I have been ultra productive lately.
Because I think blogging is typically related to boredom. 


I want to know why blog posts need a name.

Have you ever wondered that.
Hasn't your blog post already name itself.
You've poured out your heart and soul.

And then you have to come up with a lame blog title.
Like "I must be so unproductive".
That semi-relates to your posts and is trying to appear interesting.

Its a strange phenomenon I'll never understand.
But you can't just leave that spot _______.

This is what eating ice cream after you've worked out will do to you.
Make you regret your decision and pay for it tomorrow.

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