All my bags aren't packed and I'm not ready to go.

Sitting here at night and everyone is asleep. I guess I am still on Idaho time. We are leaving Southern Florida tomorrow for home and not quite sure how I feel about it. It may come down to dragging me out of here like a three year old throwing a fit.  It doesn't exactly feel like Christmas; however, I think the fact that I have been in a swimsuit 24/7 beats that feeling. It has been so rejuvenating being at the ocean. There is something about it that renews and clears the soul. I have begged Spencer several times if we can move to the ocean for a couple years while our future kids are young. I don't think I have him talked into it yet, I'll keep trying.  I finally talked myself into bringing my camera on this trip and am so glad I did. It is really a catch 22.  The camera is equivalent to lead and I worry about it like its my own precious child. It is. But the quality of the pictures are so much better than a point and shoot. Moral of the story, there is going to be a picture over kill from this trip in the near future. It has been glorious and lovely and everything in between.

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