Lately. Instagram style.

Left to Right. Top to Bottom.

A street in Florida.
Florida's ocean. Beautiful, beautiful ocean.
Spencer's amazing D.I. find.
A game night with friends. The FUNNEST NIGHT EVER.
Sushi date night with friends.
A sunday afternoon I believe. Taking it easy.
Sunday evening at the In-Laws. Spencer + Harrison.
Dinner at some friends house. The boys drank this drink from one of their missions. GROSS as all get out.
Another amazing D.I. find.  I find the best Samsonite bags there.
Ski weekend at Zermatt.  Swedish artwork I was in love with. Fun, fun trip.
Spencer's birthday - He was enjoying the straw glasses I got him.

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. said...

ya we are having a sushi party on friday night for my berfday and you better be here!

You know you want to.

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