75 is my favorite number

This past weekend was spent in Jackson Hole for a volleyball tournament I was playing in. Once my family found I out I was heading up there, they wanted to come along for the ride. We love Jackson Hole,  but what we might love more than Jackson Hole is the Square Ice Cream while en route to JH. The ice cream really isn't spectacular, but its square. Cool right? Okay not really. But what really caught my eye was the moustache machine on the way out the door.  These machines are as close as I get to gambling. It. Was. Stressful. Praying that I wouldn't get the dirty orange moustache or the gray one, I was blessed with a black one. Not just any black one. THEE handle bar.  Best 75 cents I have ever spent.  I had more props being thrown at me than I knew what to do with. Don't judge me, because I think its a good look.

In attendence: Mama Kat, Hailey, Aubrey, Leni Jane, and Lauren Ruth.

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Mitch n' Molly said...

You are one funny gal! LOVE all the variety in just one stache!
M I S S Y O U!!!

You know you want to.

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