Bits and Pieces

Do you ever put items on your checklist that you have to do.  For example, brush your teeth.  Well I guess you don't have to do that.  But things you know you will do, just to get that satisfaction of putting a big, fat line through the middle of it.  I do.  I am a list maker.  I'm weird about my lists too.  I have to be using a good utensil (pencils won't do), and it has to be on thick paper.

1.    A view from the top of my reorganizing recipes process yesterday. 
2.    Spring is coming. I have proof.
3.1  Buckets for my garden. Got them for $1! Cheapest I've found yet were $9 a piece.
3.2  I made a fabric garland and want to do an ombre die. I am still debating between colors. I'm                  thinking orange. What do you think?
4.    Refrigerator 
5.    List with sharpie and thick paper. 

*I got the idea to do bits and pieces from my day over at bleubirdvintage. That lady is rad. 

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