Daylor Jackson and BW or Color.

While in Utah a couple of weekends, I took a few pictures of my beautiful sister Hailey and her little Leni Jane.  Hailey is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet.  She gives everything and everyone her whole soul.  That is what I love about her.  If something doesn't have meaning and purpose, she doesn't let it cloud her life.  People are drawn to Hailey because of her fun, genuine, and loving personality.

Interest fact about her: You will often find us siblings calling her Daylor Jackson.  Supposedly, when she was a wee little one, my brother wanted to give her a 'cool baseball player name'.  He came up with Daylor Jackson and it has stuck ever since.  For the image above, black and white or color?  Which is your favorite?

3 love taps:

Morgan and Norman Reece said...

I like the color version :) beautiful pics

Clayton & Charish Hubbard said...

beautiful pictures!! She definitely is a beautiful person inside and out! and that little Leni, she is darling!!!

sam and kyrsten said...

wow she is so beautiful. leni is darling! i hope my pregnant belly looks that amazing.

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