Way out there in the wide open air.

I called up my friend today to see if she wanted to go on a hike slash photography adventure.  She, too, loves to take pictures so we thought we'd cruise up in the mountains with our cameras in hand.  If you ever think Pocatello isn't pretty.  Go here.  You just might change your mind.  Gudrun, Ciara, and I had so much fun.  Ciara and I kept freaking ourselves out with talk of bears, mountain lions, and snakes.  Fortunately, we didn't see bears or lions.  Unfortunately we saw snakes.  UGH!  Gudrun had to talk us into jumping over the nasty bugger.  It was so pretty and so fun.  We are going to make it a regular, so hit me up if you want to join in on the fun.  Beware, however, that I am quite possibly the most annoying friend in the world and will often stop you on a hike because the lighting is so pretty to take a picture.  Luckily, these two were troopers.  

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