Gudrun + Jake : My Better Half

For the next couple of months I'll be featuring various couples on this here blog, a series: My Better Half.  I saw this idea on one of my favorite graphic design inspirations, Amanda Jane Jones and thought it would be fun to implement.  Gudrun is an awesome photographer and blogger: Gudrun's Travelling Circus and Jake is one mean cook.  I've witnessed it.  Meet Gudrun and Jake.

Three facts about Gudrun from Jake:
1. Likes animals - especially horses
2. She's charming
3. She has big white front teeth and likes carrots

Three facts about Jake from Gudrun:
1. He's spontaneous, always have a new idea in mind
2. Naturally talented fisherman
3. He's too smart for his own good

How they met: 
We met the winter of 2008, snowboarding in Park City. After that we have been back and forth between Norway and the US. In September 2009, we got married. Since we met we've pretty much travelled all around - Greece, Egypt, Spain, Alaska (and many other places in the US)... Traveling is something we both really enjoy and hope to get to do a lot in the future. Next dream destination? Maldives, maybe?

Thanks Gudrun and Jake! You two are such fun people!

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