Arranged Marriage.

While visiting my sister and her new babe this week, I got a little insight to the life of Leni & Lincoln.  These two play ALL day together, EVERY day.  How fun right?  They were jumping on the trampoline and laughing, which was the cutest thing ever.  There parents have already arranged their marriage and they are going to need pictures for the slideshow, so I took it upon myself to get some.  Kids are so fun.

On Mom and baby, gosh they are both so sweet.  Unfortunately I was not able to see Carrie while I was there, but my mom, Hailey, and I had so many special memories together.  We may or may not have stayed up until 3 am catching my mom and Hailey up on bachelorette.  Hailey is a wonderful mom who is so calm and at peace.  I love watching her with her Baby Z.  I feel like the most special times in my life have really been some of the simplest.  I feel so lucky to be in close distance to my family.  They make my life substantially happier.

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