I love her.

Gosh I love this girl.  Carrie is one of the most unique, genuine people I know.  I love her and she is a an incredible sister.  Carrie is kind of hard to read, because she is not super fluffy.  But boy oh boy, she is two hoots and a holler.  This one time (a few years ago), she came upstairs from my moms basement with an old dress on, porcelain doll hands up her sleeve, a nylon on her head to give her a huge forehead, and singing- all in honor of Doonise (see video).  When we lived in New York, I was always jealous of her creativeness as a nanny.  Every night she would either set up a beach bon fire dinner, swim out in the ocean with her kiddos, build forts, windsurf, do art projects, spear fish (which she would then serve at the beach fire), make banana pancakes, and a million more fun ideas.

What I love most about her, is her loyalty, ambition, creativity, humor, humility, honesty, and tender heart.  She would do anything and everything for her family, and she pretty much has.  Everyone once in a while, I become the lucky owner of a piece of her art.  And to top of her greatness, she married the coolest guy ever.  For bachelorette fans, he looks/acts/dresses like Sean.  I asked him the other day that he reminded me of this guy on the show and he said me along with 20 other people have told him that, but he had not idea who he was.  He is so great.  I just love her and glad she is my sis.

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