This summer has already been so much dang fun and the festivities are going to continue.  Now that my boards are passed (pure torture*), I feel like a I am as free as a bird.  My sister is having a baby in one week, then Beth is having another baby, then a wedding, and a little work squeezed in the mix.  I like this summer indeed.

*You know how after you do something hard you realize "ah, it wasn't so bad in retrospect".  Well truth be told, this was not the case for my boards.  They were the devil and the thought of them actually makes my stomach churn.  The lady at the testing center said once this is over you'll be able to relax.  Lady, that is the opposite of what I did.  I was so sick all day (heart rate cruising, nausea, vomiting).  It was so weird.  I've never been so physically sick from an exam.  But two long days later, I found out I passed and burst into tears.  Let's just say I am glad it's over.

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sam and kyrsten said...

you are amazing! congratulations on passing! i knew you would!

Anonymous said...

gorgous photos! You are the BEST!

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