A Day of Love.

Old School Valentine for Spence.
Old School Couch from D.I.

This year for Valentines we went a little Old School.  For our first Valentines together maybe I should have gone all out, but instead, I made Spencer a pop-up valentine.  I'm not really into going all out on Valentines, but I did want the people and things to know that I loved them.  So, Spence I love you.  And couch, I love you too.  I think everyday should be "Valentines" in some sense. 

4 love taps:

The Bringhursts said...

I love the Couch!! Good find

the farmboy's wife said...

You are so awesome- Do you remember Me and Cam's couch like that? It was more of an orange though! gotta love the DI!! You so need to come visit! That would be awesome! I love ya- ya old married lady :o)

Sam and Kyrsten said...

mole i love you. your so awesome. and i really want to see your apartment.

Brynnly and Alan said...

That is so cute! You are so creative! Glad you had a great V-Day. Thank you for the sweet birthday wish on Face Book. You are so kind to me. Loves!

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