hawaii. six months ago :)

we went to hawaii this past christmas with my family.  I've wanted to post  some pictures of it forever but I just got them so its long overdue.  We had a blast though.  I hadn't been there for about ten years and Spence had never been.  He was like a little kid.  He would seriously go ALL day.  He would wake up and go straight to the water until it was too dark at night to be out.  Anywho. we had a blast.  And.... at the bottom of these fifty pictures I posted my new chassy

This is Spence and his boat, he and Kevin called it "Seabiscuit". 

This is in our back yard where we stayed.

The humidity did wonders on my hair. 

This our house.  It was out in the country and it was so fun not to be in the city.  

We weren't used to the time change.  This is five in the morning the first day. 

The cutie patooties. Beck, Dawson and Leni Jane.

The other cutie.

And here she is.... my barn sale find.  The other day Aubrey and I were clear out in the middle of nowhere and found this garage sale.. or "barn" sale.  I saw this and I knew I couldn't live without it.  I've always wanted a cruiser but I don't really like the new ones, especially because they are $300.  I got this for $15. 

And then 6 more dollars for spray paint.   I love it!  

She is yet to be named, so if you have any good ideas for her... Let me know!

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Stephensen's said...

Dude... I am so jealous! I freakin want a cruiser soo bad!! You are going to have to let me take her out for a spin sometime... unless you can find another one! Oh... I am assuming she is a girl since you painted her purple. Other wise you could name her Barry Manalow, just a thought! Oh.. better yet you could name her Khalea. It means AMAZING ONE!!

Mommakat said...

okay, i agree, Khalea or Gizelle or Hey, what about the purple bullet!! Hey, hey....or maybe She Master, or Purple Floyd, or Zip Drive, or what about Dag nab it, or perhaps Zizzer, zazzer zuz, Think about Esmerelda (that one's from Gramma Janet!!) Mojo's Moto...or, or, or the Big Kahuna.... let me know, i can think of a thousand more....See you soon, Love Mommakat

Stephani Flower said...

haha I love all your mom's suggestions. I was going to suggest something lame like...Mona. Haha. And OKAY I am in fact SO obsessed with my reefs that I can't bring myself to buy another pair because I want to wear the ones I have until they crumble to pieces beneath my feet! Seriously haha. I love them. They are formed to my feet so that actually shouldn't be too long from now! Anyway HOLY I love your pictures from Hawaii and I'm super jealous of your bike! When you get home I'm stealing it :)

Sam and Kyrsten said...

love all your pictures. love love love the bike. purple is the perfect color. i still want you to come to dc!

Sam and Kyrsten said...

oh my heck you rock! oh course your not annoying! i would love for you to come for that long! it would be seriously awesome! we could thrift all day and all night! :) you are the one with the best style ever! baltimore airport is like 45ish minutes away! not bad at all! how fun! maybe i will call you tomorrow and we can really talk about it!

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