its all i got.

well maybe i'd have a good post for the past three days ... but this is all I did.
I used to despise these books but then I started reading them and I actually enjoyed them.
I think its good and healthy for people to read books that they can just enjoy and relax.
however, 5 hours a day like myself, is a little much.

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Sam and Kyrsten said...

mole i will definitely not regret it! it would be a blast. i bet a train comes through or something! do it do it!

the farmboy's wife said...

I fought this series for awhile and now I am one of the obsessed fans! Don't feel bad about the 5 hours during the day.. I am like 8 hours at night instead of sleeping?? What is wrong with me.. anyways they are awesome
love ya

Sam and Kyrsten said...

any we live like 15 miles from both dulles and ronald reagan and about 30 miles from baltimore washington international. DO IT! :)

You know you want to.

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