pick me ups.

My apartment needed a pick me up.   So I made these little chinese laterns/onion looking/ornament things.  I used old cards and scrap paper around the house.  Ghetto I know, but I needed something on the white walls.

Spencer needed a little pick me up so I got him a cupcake.

I think he liked it.

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Sam and Kyrsten said...

such cute things. your so nice to give your husband a little treat. its a hard job and sam needs some of those pick me ups too!

Stephensen's said...

So cute Mols. I really can't wait for you guys to get home, I try not to say anything so I don't make you homesick... but I can't wait!! I can't believe you did not just buys Spence a big mac, but hey it looks like the cupcake did the job. By the way I love your onions! Loves xoxoxox

Joel & Alli said...

molly- first of all i miss you! and i love reading all of your posts ha ha AND i always love the music you have on here- so good! but you guys need to come home! we need some tennis competition! ha ha love you guys!

Brynnly and Alan said...

You are so cute Molly! What a fun idea!

You know you want to.

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