home sweet idaho.

Spencers life since we've been home.

self-washed cars.
visited 10 different friends.
dirt biked.
change oil in car.
mountain biking.

oh and he's going golfing at 6 in the morning.

we've been home for three days.

I can barely keep up.

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Sam and Kyrsten said...

lovely. im so jealous that your home. i bet you are loving life!

Joel & Alli said...

Molly! Ha I know how you feel, Joel goes golfing every morning at 630 then again when he gets work at 2...ha ha kinda crazy if you ask me. But we need to do something asap ok?! We miss you guys!

Marc and Makall said...

molly i didn't know spencer golfs!? marcus has just picked up on it this summer and is obsessed. thats all he ever does these days! they need to go out together and we need to have girl time! im glad youre home safe. welcome back to the great land of i da ho! :)

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