Please Rewind. 2009

Brought in the new year in Hawaii. Loved every minute of it.

            Hit the Books. {literally}

Worked at Jamba. Think I got Carpal Tunnel from scooping ice cream.

Skied every second we could.

Bought a car.  Its granola but she treats us well.

Lived in our first apartment. Clark street. Bought this little beauty of a couch. $45. Paid too much.

Spring Break in St. George. Golfed and climbed Angel's Landing.

Went on a Girls trip here to Park City in April and August.

Drove across the U.S. Twice. 27 hours. non-stop.
Once Spencer wouldn't stop to let me go the bathroom for 5 hours.
But when we finally stopped, it was so he could get a 50 cent ice cream cone from
Little America. I could have killed him.

Lived in Ohio for four months in the summer.
Spencer sold security, I was office manager.
Loved Ohio. Lots to do. Learned a lot.

Wanted this house in Ohio.

Went to Indianapolis a couple of times.  To go to H & M of course.

Beautiful Angie lived in the U.S. for 6 months with us. One month in Ohio with Spencer and I.
Some of my favorite memories with this girl.

Went to Lake Powell in August with Kirsten and her family.  Amazing trip.

Went to Island Park in April and December.

Angie's Dad and family visited us while attending October Conference.

Celebrated a wonderful year of marriage in September in Jackson Hole.
Won some awesome stuff at the TGR Ski premier.

Got accepted to the Nursing baccalaureate program.

Took lots of pictures.

Landon Design was started.  Spencer's Landscaping business.

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Went to Utah several times. This trip was to shop and see the lights.

December 20-23 was spent in Island Park at a cabin with my family.
Lots of sledding behind snowmobiles.
Christmas Eve at Grandpa's
Christmas night at Moms.
Christmas Day at Landons.
Saw the Blind Side. Loved it.

Now we are off to Targhee for the weekend to party.

Happy 2009. Ours was awesome.

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LJ said...

wow...what a year and what a great post! Miss you...let's get together soon! :)

sam and kyrsten said...

great post! it looks like a fun fun year. i love your couch. so much! i think it was a good purchase. id like to see you soon. you always inspire me.

You know you want to.

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