the simple life.

I love this quote. Sometimes I get caught up in wordly things.
That's why I like this quote. Simplicity is the key to successful living.
Which is true. And it will make me happier than any possession.
I want to live the simple life.
{other than a boat and traveling of course}

Just found this video from Lake Powell this summer. I crack up every time. Wait until the end.

I love how Tom says, "Uh-oh, there's tree huggers".

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sam and kyrsten said...

haha oh my heck that is so funny! HILARIOuS! i love this quote too. and the poster. great graphic! i need to figure out how to live my life simpler too! but i completely agree on the whole boat and traveling thing. have you guys moved into your house yet?

You know you want to.

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