18 going on 31.

Last weekend, March 11.

Heather would be 31. 
Usually on her birthday 
we go skiing in honor of her.
We couldn't this year, 
but we did get to spend it together
with my siblings.  
And I loved it.

I forget memories of us together 
because I was so young, 
but I remember she was so sweet
and she would give you 
the shirt off of her back.
Last year I made of list
of all the stories and memories
we had together so I will 
never ever forget them. 
Because I don't want to.

You want to meet someone creative.
If any of you knew Heather,
knows that she was a creative GENIUS.
I'd compare her to Martha Stewart.
Maybe even more creative.

I miss her like crazy and 
ask myself all the time,
WHAT IF.......
she was married
who would it be too
had kids
where she would live
so on an so forth.

These questions don't do me 
any good but they are 
kind of fun to dream of.

I love heather so much 
and even though I have lived 
longer than she had,
I'll still be her baby sister.

I hope Heather knows I'm writing 
this and I hope she knows how
I miss her and and I
wish her a Happy Birthday.
I'm sure in heaven
my grandma made her,
her favorite peanut brittle 

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Christy said...

i (HEART) this post! I miss HB all the time! With each thing that I read about her above - a flood of amazing memories came back! She truly is one of the most amazing women that I have ever met!

One of my most favorite things that we did...(amongst the millions) is call in sick to work and go watch Days of Our Lives at the Days Inn in Jackson :) We carved our names in their sauna...don't tell! ha ha! Last time i checked, which was a few years ago, they were still there! Man...i miss her!! She certainly LOVED her sisters! I know she would say the same things about you guys that you have written about her.

stephani said...

what a sweet post molly. she is beautiful! and im sure she is SUPER proud of you! especially because YOU ARE A CREATIVE GENIUS :)

Melissa said...

Molly this is an awesome post. I'm sure Heather knows you wrote that. I remember her a little bit and I always thought she was so beautiful, just like you and all your sisters are!

the farmboy's wife said...

She knows Molls, she knows...
I love you and if anybody is like her, you are.
Love ya~

Kevin Kambree and Kinlee Meudt said...

You are such a sweetheart, and I love reading all of your EXTREMELY thoughtful posts. You sure are an example to me.

keva said...

Heather was soooooo creative! I have notes she wrote to me in junior high that she decorated. I always loved getting notes from her! When I see the fun creative, things you and your sisters do, it reminds me of her. She knows you love her!

sam and kyrsten said...

she looks beautiful. funny, because what "keva" said is the exact same thing i have from you in junior high! everytime you wrote me notes they were always folded and written SO BEAUTIFULLY! you sound a lot like heather! love you! thanks for sharing!

Kourtney and Dustin Tew said...

I just had to comment on this!! I remember once at Pebble when I was like 8 or 9 I was in the lodge crying because I was so cold, and Heather went and bought me a hot chocolate because she felt bad for me! I didnt really know her but IMMEDIATELY loved her!

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