a picturesque trip

I didn't lie. 
It was a trip worth taking pictures of.

We had SOO much fun.
Here are some highlights.

Our sand castle ended up looking like the alamo.
Riding bicycles. Juliene riding her bike into the ditch.
Spencer and his mini bike. The 'supercharger'.
Getting in the hot tub every 5 seconds.
Croquet on the Beach. 
Watching lots and lots and lots of movies. 
Debate over Mr. Holland's kiss on Mr. Holland's Opus.
Playing on pretty beaches.
Spencer saying, "well the thing about it is"
Me thinking trees were planted solely for oxygen.
Delicious food. Salt water taffy.
Car rides.
VOODOO donuts. 
Playing frisbee and Spencer chipping sea shells.
No HOMEWORK. well 2 papers I didn't do.

Spending time with Spencario.

We really had an amazing trip.
I'll let the pictures explain the vacation.

And, LAST but not least.

If anyone can guess what we are doing and where.
I will buy you an ice cream cone :)

(Pics were mostly taken with my Nikon point and shoot, the big mama was just to heavy to lug around)

4 love taps:

the farmboy's wife said...

And the answer to the last picture is...
"It's Chunk"
Hilarious!! Heather did that impression better than anyone I have ever seen :) I'm still laughing at her!!

the farmboy's wife said...

Oh but you are doing the truffle shuffle.. is that the name?? Anyways best show ever!

Maren, Scott and Diesel said...

You're at the Goonie house!! I've totally been there. All your pictures took me back, I LOVE Astoria, it is such a great place! Looks like you had loads of fun :]

LJ said...

These pics are just amazing! Loved last night Molly. You are so much fun!!

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