to fresh beginnings

two days ago we finally moved into our house.
its already starting to feel like home in a few short days.
i am so happy we are there. and we are going to
be there for a long time, which also makes me happy. 
spencer has been working so hard these past months
at the house while I have been buried in books.
its not totally done, but it will take time.
i feel like its a new fresh start for us.
saturday we moved in while listening to conference.
and while listening to the beautiful words.
we both felt peace in this home.
i haven't lived in idaho for the summer
since 2005 so i am extremely happy we will
here this summer.
  we have a HUGE garden, so we will be spending
a lot of time there come summer.
anyways,this home was spencers grandparents.
it was where his father was raised and
where our children will be raised.
this house is full of meaning and it has a history
there is a legacy behind it and we
want to let the legacy live on.

cheers to new beginnings.

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stephani said...

so happy for you molls!! congratulations on the house! someday ill get one of my own... :)

sam and kyrsten said...

yipee! i cant wait to see! im sure it is divine!

Bobbi Thomson said...

Can hardly wait!!!!

Joey and Michelle Chandler Family said...

Congratulations on moving in to your new home! I bet you two will fix it up so nice with both of your many talents!

You know you want to.

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