cheap trick

can i just say i am pumped about this project.

spencer and i have made it our goal to incorporate the gospel into our home.
i've been dying for a picture of Christ from Deseret but the
one i want is like $500. mother's day-in 30 years.

this is what i started with.
which i think is adorable as is.
bought it at the d.i. ===== my favorite store.

and this is what i came up with. simple but i love it. 

i love the floral picture and the proclamation, but for now, the proclamation stays.

picture: $6
scrap matboard: $4
proclamation: 50 cents

p.s. if you ever come to our house, don't judge us for the all the colors.
our house looks like a rainbow
what can we say, we love color!

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sam and kyrsten said...

i love that you use so much color seriously i wish i had your guts! and everything you do with it always looks so awesome. you know exactly what works together!i love what you did with the proclamation. it looks great! :)i know what you mean about wanting to incorporate the gospel more into your home. its hard with a tight budget! but its great that you are doing it! and CONGRATULATIONS to carrie thats so exciting!

You know you want to.

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