in their element

yesterday we had beck and dawson over.
we were outside playing in the backyard and spencer
said to go grab my camera and catch them in their element.

we love when these two come over to our house. 
we give them rides on kip rusty I {our moped} around the yard.
they love it and keep asking for more.

things you said, that i love:

beck: where da wada go {where did the water go}
dawson: where's bencher {where's spencer}
beck: saucy {dawson, dawsy}
dawson: ma turn, ma turn {my turn}
beck and dawson: momo {molly}
beck: where da birdy go

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BEARD said...

Molly, these pictures are so dang cute!! Thanks to you and Spence for watching them! :) They had such a good time!!

You know you want to.

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