pretty woman, running down the street.

i got home from running 
it rained, not when i left, but of course at my half way point.
looked in the mirror and laughed. 
wow i look ridiculous. 
my hair was on the side of my head. 
my headphones look ridiculous, but are the best!
and i am drenched. 
i looked like a fool.
i would of laughed if i had seen myself.
oh well, the joys of trying to get fit.

on a prettier note. 

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sam and kyrsten said...

im just glad your running. im sitting here eating a brownie and drinking a mountain dew. oh the joys of getting fatter... :) can we please do lunch this coming week?

Bobbi Thomson said...

Molly!!I think YOU are amazing!!!

You know you want to.

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